Sweet Sixteen Ratio Analyzer


The Sweet Sixteen Ratio Analyzer is a tool that allows the user to explore the Sweet Sixteen financial ratios suggested by the Farm Financial Standards Guidelines (FFSG). The Sweet Sixteen Ratio Analyzer tool comes with sample financial data from the EWS Farms case farm already entered. This allows the user to explore changing the values from the EWS Farms financial statement to see how a change affects one or more of the Sweet Sixteen financial ratios. It also provides the user with an example for how to enter their own financial information to calculate their own Sweet Sixteen financial ratios.

There is no single measure that tells the entire story about an operation. The Sweet Sixteen financial ratios recommended by the FFSG are by no means an exhaustive list. Other financial ratios and measures can be calculated if quality data is available. By collecting and entering your data into the Sweet Sixteen Ratio Analyzer, you will be taking the first step toward a standardized evaluation of your annual financial performance and health.